From 28 to 30 June the 1st Global Legislative Hackathon 2016 took place, jointly organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, National Democratic Institute, Brazilian Chamber of Deputies' HackerLab and Chilean Chamber of Deputies. The event took place in Valparaiso (Chile) as part of proceedings of  the World e-Parliament Conference 2016.

Hackathon goals

The main goals of the Hackathon were:
+ Goal 1, on Transparency: to develop innovative solutions or data visualization using available legislative open data
+ Goal 2, on Participation: to further develop (existing open source) tools ( such as Wikilegis )


The detailed programme can be seen here


For a complete record of hackathon proceedings, visit the hackathon repository


Watch (Chrome and Edge browsers only) the presentation of Hackathon projects by individual teams (starts at 9 min: 00 sec)

See pictures of the Hackathon

Hackathon participants

Participants that took place locally included:

+ Ernesto Gimeno
+ Pedro Guerra brandão
+ Caio Faria Viotti
+ Pedro Markun
+ Juan Ignacio Osorio Opazo
+ Sebastian Alejandro Bernal Mena
+ Matias Cortes
+ Carlos Tapia
+ Ivan Lazo
+ Felipe Alvarez
+ Octavio del Favero
+ Beatriz Irarrazabal
+ Julio César Guerrero

Collaborators and Remote participants

Chamber of Deputies of Brazil, HackerLab and CENIN (IT team)
+ Erivânio Vasconcelos
+ Matheus Fernandes
+ Gustavo Warzocha
+ Paulo Henrique
+ Fabrício
UK Parliament, Parliamentary Digital Service
+ Edward Wood
+ Emma Allen (Director)
Canadian House of Commons
DemTools (NDI)
Chilean Chamber's IT team
+ Juan Ignacio Osorio Opazo
+ Sebastián Bernal Mena
Colombia - Congreso Visible
France - Etalab
+ Emmanuel Raviart
+ Paula Forteza
Italy - Oasis
+ Monica palmirani
US Congress
+ Lisa LaPlant (Government Publishing Office)
+ Kirsten Gullickson (House of Representatives)

The Hackathon was coordinated by Cristiano Ferri of the HackerLab of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies.