This document contains links to open data sets provided by parliaments around the world. Almost all of the pages linked here self-deem themselves to be “open data”. The concept of open data can vary depending on the source.  In general, government data is considered open when it can be used for the development of applications and visualizations without any restrictions. This requires that the open data be parsed by computers in order for the data to be processed.

One attempt to classify open data is by World Wide Web creator, Tim Berners Lee. The 5-star Open Data website defines the criteria for open data to be assigned between 1 to 5 stars, depending on the developer friendliness of the data.

The fact that a parliament does not provide open data does not rule out the possibility of using its data for the development of applications and visualizations based on it. A technique called “scraping” allows data to be extracted from web pages and documents. This technique, however, is considerably more difficult and prone to errors than using real “open data”.

Transnational Datasets